Park Bom’s Agency Takes Legal Action Against Netizens Posting Malicious Comments And False Rumors

They’re taking strict action.

Park Bom‘s agency D-NATION Entertainment has announced that they have taken legal action against netizens who are posting malicious comments or false rumors about her, and will continue to accept any evidence of further wrongdoings.

Netizens have been posting negative comments towards Park Bom since her debut, from claiming she ruined 2NE1 to commenting on her face and plastic surgery. Her agency has stepped in to take action against the worst of the offenders.

In their statement, they provided an update on the legal proceedings and urged fans to continue to send in any evidence that shows malicious intent.

Hello, this is D-NATION Entertainment.

This is our official position on the spreading of false information, malicious comments, and slander against our artist, Park Bom.

In February, we announced on her official fancafe and through SNS that we would be taking strong action in response to malicious comments and false information against our artist. We said we would receive such information through the D-NATION e-mail address ( Since then, a total of 71 e-mails were sent.

After posting our notice and thorough review, we have filed a complaint through our law firm POS against netizens for charges such as defamation and malicious comments. As of August 13, we have filed an additional complaint against 15 people with the Cyber Security Department of the National Police Agency.

We will continue the process of filing complaints regarding malicious comments, and we would like to state once again that there will be a strong response, with no leniency.

We will continue to take action to protect the rights and interests of our artists. Thank you for your love and support for Park Bom. We will do our best to greet you all in a better way.

— D-NATION Entertainment

Source: D-NATION