Park Bom Responded To Claims That She “Destroyed” 2NE1

Park Bom says it wasn’t her, but it was…

Park Bom is no stranger to haters who claim that she was the reason 2NE1 disbanded.

  • “You’re the one that ruined 2NE1. If it wasn’t for your scandal, this wouldn’t have happened. Tsk tsk I guess on one hand I’m thankful. If it wasn’t for you, BLACKPINK may not have been able to debut.”
  • “Aren’t you the one who caused the most damage to 2NE1 in the first place?”
  • “That’s ironic of her to say when she’s the one who caused their breakup.”
  • “When you’re the one that ruined them…”
  • “You broke up 2NE1 and now you get all emotional…you drug addict.”
  • “Says the one who caused 2NE1’s disbandment.”


One alleged fan commented on one of her Instagram posts that she “destroyed” 2NE1.


Well, Park Bom seemed tired of the ridiculous accusations as she personally responded to the comment. She clarified it wasn’t her, but “somebody else”.


After reading her first response to such hate, fans can’t help but low-key want some more tea!


But everything aside, the queen as spoken and fans are 100% behind her with the sweetest messages of positivism and love!