Park Bom Concerns Fans With Her Drastically Changed Appearance at the 56th Grand Bell Awards

“I’m worried for her now.” – Netizen

The 56th Grand Bell Awards recently took place in Seoul, Korea, and amongst the many stars who attended, singer Park Bom drew particular attention on the red carpet.

It’s been revealed that Park Bom attended the event to participate in a congratulatory stage for the award winners.

And ahead of the ceremony, Park Bom stepped onto the red carpet in a checkered two-piece outfit.

But netizens couldn’t help but point out that Park Bom looked drastically different from before.

Those who saw the photos of Park Bom left comments criticizing her weight gain.

Some of the remarks include “She’s changed way too much“, “I’m worried for her now“, and “She should really take care of herself“.

Although a little bit of weight gain shouldn’t be the reason for criticism, fans are continuing to express their worry due to what they perceive as a drastic transformation.

The 56th Grand Bell Awards was held without a live audience for the first time since 1962 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The 56th Grand Bell Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating film excellence.

Source: Dispatch