Park Bom Reacts To CL’s Olympics Closing Ceremony Performance

A rare interaction between CL and Park Bom!

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom was super impressed with her old bandmateΒ CL‘s performance at the Pyeongchang Olympics Closing Ceremony.

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Park Bom congratulated CL on her performance through an Instagram post, while wishing her friend a happy birthday at the same time!

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“Today you were so cool…. That’s our leader!…. You must have been through some hard times but I hope you have a happy birthday.” β€” Park Bom


2Ne1 disbanded in 2016 but the girls are still very supportive of each other’s careers.


Park Bom and CL had a close friendship, with fans even noticing that right before CL started singing she would often shout “Park Bom!” at concerts!


Here’s to more interactions between the 2NE1 queens!

“It would’ve been better if CL was with us..” β€” Park Bom