Park Bom Shocks Fans With Her Unrecognizable Transformation In New Teaser Photos

But some netizens are concerned.

2NE1‘s Park Bom has surprised fans with her recent transformation ahead of her comeback, but some are worried.

2NE1’s Park Bom | @newharoobompark/Instagram

Since debuting, Park Bom has wowed netizens with her unreal talent both as part of 2NE1 and as a soloist. Even in the last few years, her talent and skills haven’t been lost on even younger fans.

While netizens have raised concerns about “health concerns,” Park Bom has continued to update fans with photos of herself.

| @newharoobompark/Instagram
| @newharoobompark/Instagram
| @newharoobompark/Instagram

Ahead of her comeback, Park Bom’s company, D-Nation Entertainment, shared the album jacket. In the photo, the idol exudes elegance and sophistication with her “doll-like” beauty and features.

| @dnation_official/Instagram

When the picture was posted, many netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the idol’s visuals.

Yet, while many netizens gushed about Park Bom’s visuals, some fans were concerned after noticing the heavy “photoshopping.” Although it is common in K-Pop, netizens worry that it’s “History repeating itself,” adding that Park Bom looks beautiful and that her company shouldn’t try to change her.

While Park Bom looks beautiful, it’s not surprising that fans are worried because of this idea to look a certain way makes it seem like the idol isn’t beautiful and needs to change.

Source: dnation_official