Park Eun Seok Clarifies That His Eyeballs Are Indeed His Own In Response To Random Online Accusations

He’s been falsely accused over the course of his career.

SBS‘s Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart revealed more interview clips of Penthouse actor, Park Eun Seok, one of which included the actor’s clarification that his eyeballs are indeed his own in response to accusations he’s received over the course of his career.

Park Eun Seok shared that back when he was filming MBC‘s The Rebel in 2017, the director called “cut” and asked him if he was wearing circle lenses.

When he said he wasn’t, some of the crew cheered because they had made a bet on whether he was wearing circle lenses or not.

It turns out that Park Eun Seok was accused of wearing circle lenses and criticized for it online.

At the time, people were like, ‘Who wears circle lenses in a historical drama?’ And during another drama, they were like, ‘What kind of actor goes around wearing circle lenses?’ Even this time during Penthouse, people were like, ‘I can’t focus because of his circle lenses.’

— Park Eun Seok

But Park Eun Seok confirmed with the help of Kang Ho Dong that he does not wear circle lenses, and that he simply has big pupils.

Luckily, after becoming famous through the drama, Penthouse, Park Eun Seok shared that his fans clarify to all those who accuse him of wearing circle lenses.

Now everybody knows that his eyeballs are his own and all-natural!

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch