Park Eun Seok Tearfully Reveals How He Hurt His Mother While Growing Up Poor

He wants to make it up to her now that he’s succeeded.

Actor Park Eun Seok recently appeared on SBS‘s Kang Ho Dong’s Rice Heart where he broke down in tears as he told the story of how he hurt his mother while growing up poor.

Park Eun Seok may have risen to stardom through his role of wealthy Logan Lee on SBS’s Penthouse, but his actual childhood was quite different.

After immigrating to the States, Park Eun Seok’s family wasn’t very well off, so he worked all sorts of part-time jobs since he was 15 years old.

But regardless of their financial hardship, his mother splurged on her son, which Park Eun Seok feels sorry about to this day.

My mother couldn’t speak English, so she worked at a nail salon. But she bought me a pair of jeans costing $200 so that I could hold my head up high. That price didn’t make sense given our circumstances. Then I saw her pick up a three-pack of socks costing $5 and then put it back down. I felt immature when I saw that.

— Park Eun Seok

Park Eun Seok then went on to reveal the time he hurt his mother’s feelings which still makes his heart ache.

When we went to school, each household would drive in through the gates and drop their child off one at a time. And a lot of them had nice cars. But I didn’t let my mom go through the gates. I made her drop me off outside. Because our car wasn’t nice.

— Park Eun Seok

And Park Eun Seok has a feeling that his mother always knew why, but he made it extra clear on a rainy day.

One day, it was raining, but I insisted on being dropped off outside the gates. My mom was worried I’d get wet and insisted on driving me inside. So I yelled at her. Her heart must’ve ached while she drove off.

— Park Eun Seok

Park Eun Seok acknowledged that he was immature at the time and confessed that that’s why he bought a new house for his parents to live in when they return to Korea.

He regrets how he acted as a child, but he hopes to make it up to them now that he’s able to.

Watch the full clip below:

Source: Insight
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