Park Ha Sun Reveals Further Details About The Delusional Stalker Who Thinks They’re In Love

He even thinks they had a child together.

It was recently revealed that Park Ha Sun has a stalker, but further details of how it all went down are enough to give you the chills.

Park Ha Sun was at a fan signing when she reluctantly wrote “I love you” at a male fan’s request.

Many people come to fan signings. And one man asked me to write ‘I love you’ on his autograph. I normally don’t write that stuff, but he begged, so I did. But it turns out, that was our first day of dating.

— Park Ha Sun

What’s even scarier is the fact that the stalker came to an event that took place before her wedding and expressed his anger.

He came to an event that took place before my wedding, gave me a diary he wrote in, glared at me, and demanded to know why I was getting married.

— Park Ha Sun


And that’s not all. The man thinks he had a child with Park Ha Sun, and he even named the imaginary child.

That stalker imagined that all sorts of things happened between us. What’s scarier is the fact that he thinks we have a child together. He even named that child.

— Park Ha Sun

The situation even escalated to the point of Park Ha Sun’s actor husband, Ryu Soo Young warning her to ignore him.

Don’t react. He’ll won’t stop if you keep reacting. He’s someone who doesn’t even have the courage to come up to you in person.

— Ryu Soo Young

As scary as that is, Park Ha Sun took the opportunity to send out a message to the stalker.

I have something to say to that stalker. Be careful. I’m not the kind of person you think I am. I have a personality of my own.

— Park Ha Sun

Source: Insight