Park Han Byul Apologizes Following Reveal Of Her Playing Golf With Choi Jonghoon and Police Chief Yoon

She posted her apology.

Park Han Byul has posted an apology on her Instagram following the reveal of her attendance at the golf game with her husband Yoo In Suk, Choi Jonghoon, and Police Chief Yoon.


In her apology, she mentioned that she would not be stepping down from her drama Love in Sadness, and apologized for her actions and lack of a statement earlier.

Hello, this is Park Han Byul.

First of all, I am very sorry to have caused many people to worry due to the various controversies, incidents, and suspicions surrounding my husband [Yoo In Suk]. I thought that it would be impossible to separate the past actions that didn’t relate to me, made by a person I decided to spend my whole life with, but I was being too careful not to say anything because the investigations were underway. I am sorry..

Despite the controversy going on, I am going through with the drama filming because it is a commitment and promise I made to many people, including the production company, the broadcasting company, and my agency. Unlike the actual broadcast time [Started on February 23, 2019], the filming began last year and now we are filming the second half of the drama. Because it is my duty to portray Yoon Mari’s (her character) life well until the end so there are no disruptions, I will do my best, and take responsibility right to the end.

During a time where I have to focus on the drama, many people have expressed their worries for me… And I’m very sorry for everything.. I don’t want to cause any more huge pains. It’s as painful as death, and so difficult. However, I will harder and harder during the filming. I think that is the only way I can repay these people that I am thankful to.

I think as you get older, life is the process of becoming more mature and learning through experiences. I feel a sense of responsibility for all of these controversies, and no matter what the results are, I accept all of the hardships as a process that will ultimately lead my family on the right path. After finishing the drama well, I will take the time to look back on my life. I will work hard to live a respectable life as the mother of a child and the wife of a man.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Love in Sadness and those who have supported me. Once again, I would like to apologize to everyone who criticized me due to the controversy surrounding my family.

— Park Han Byul

Earlier today, it was revealed that Park Han Byul was present with Yoo In Suk and Choi Jonghoon when they went golfing together, and netizens demanded her to be removed from the drama.

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