Park Han Byul Revealed To Be Present At Golf Gathering With “Police Chief”, Netizens Attack

“Park Han Byul retire from the entertainment industry.”

Netizen demand for Park Han Byul‘s removal from the drama Love in Sadness has been growing stronger since Choi Jonghoon mentioned her name during police investigations.

During a recent investigation, Choi Jonghoon revealed that he played golf with the “police chief” early last year and added that Yoo In Suk of Yoori Holdings as well as his wife, Park Han Byul, was present at the gathering.


After hearing Park Han Byul’s name, netizens have been demanding that she immediately be removed from her drama.

Some netizens have been proposing that Park Han Byul may be correlated to Seungri‘s scandal, stating the fact that she is the wife of Yoo In Suk, who is allegedly the “key man” behind Seungri’s chatrooms, and was present at the golf gathering with the “police chief”.


In fact, netizens were boycotting Park Han Byul’s drama back when her husband was reporting to the police as well.

Netizens Boycott Park Han Byul’s Drama After They Refuse To Cut Her From The Show


At the time, both Park Han Byul’s agency and the drama production team stated that she will be continuing the drama as the issue was correlated to her husband, and not herself.

There are no plans to change Love In Sadness. This won’t call for any official statements. The current scandal doesn’t deal with Park Han Byul, but her husband. The broadcast will continue on without any changes.

— Love In Sadness Production Team


Park Han Byul has yet to make any statement regarding Choi Jonghoon’s mentioning of her name during police investigations.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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