Netizens Boycott Park Han Byul’s Drama After They Refuse To Cut Her From The Show

Netizens want her off the show due to her husband’s connection to Jung Joon Young’s scandal.

Park Han Byul has been caught up in the recent scandal as her husband was accused of being one of the chatroom members of Jung Joon Young‘s scandal. Her husband is currently being investigated for taking part in the prostitution ring, police corruption, and more.


As Park Han Byul is currently starring in the drama, Love In Sadness, netizens began demanding she be removed from the show. However, the production staff announced that they will not be cutting Park Han Byul from their production and will continue with her until the end.


Her agency first announced that she is already nearly done filming for the drama and will continue on with the show until the end. They claim they never discussed the possibility of her being removed from the show and the broadcast company plans on staying with the same cast.

“Park Han Byul is currently in the final stages of filming for MBC’s drama Love In Sadness. The show will broadcast for 40 episodes, and it’s only aired for 12 episodes so far, but the filming began last year so it’s already at its final stages. There are no plans of leaving the show and will continue on well until the end.

We’ve never discussed a possible leave from the show with the drama’s production team. We confirmed with the broadcast company as well. The current scandal deals with her husband, not herself, so we will continue carefully.”

— Fly Up Entertainment


The drama’s production team also agreed with her agency as they confirmed that there will be no changes to the cast. They will continue on with Park Han Byul as the Jung Joon Young scandal deals with her husband and not the actress herself.

“There are no plans to change Love In Sadness. This won’t call for any official statements. The current scandal doesn’t deal with Park Han Byul, but her husband. The broadcast will continue on without any changes.”

— Love In Sadness Production Team


Netizens, however, were not happy with the news as they expressed their anger towards Park Han Byul and the drama. They deemed it was inappropriate for her to continue as she’s the wife of one of the members who are currently involved in the highly controversial scandal. Many announced that they will no longer patronize the show.


The drama’s production team and Park Han Byul’s agency has yet to respond to the netizens’ claims to boycott.

Park Han Byul plays the role of Yoon Mari in the drama. Yoon Mari is caught in a violent and obsessive marriage, so she decides to under go drastic plastic surgery to escape her husband. The drama is set to end near mid-end of 2019.

Source: Osen