Park Hye Soo Covers IU’s “Celebrity” — IU Personally Comments On The Post

Just two queens interacting on the internet.

Actress and singer, Park Hye Soo just participated in IU’s “Celebrity” challenge in light of IU’s successful comeback.

| 1theK/YouTube

In the shared Instagram post, Park Hye Soo can be seen singing “Celebrity” while sitting in the car.

| @hyesuuuuuya/Instagram

And in addition to her beautiful singing, photos of her daily life popped up in the video as well.

| @hyesuuuuuya/Instagram

Park Hye Soo even captioned the post with some of the lyrics of IU’s song.

Do you see how beautiful your uniqueness is? You are my celebrity.

— Park Hye Soo

Fans would agree that it’s hard not to love just about every aspect of the post.

| @hyesuuuuuya/Instagram

And IU herself agreed.

| 1theK/YouTube

IU commented on the post with her thoughts.

I love you.

— IU

Which Park Hye Soo pinned for all to see.


How cute can these two get?

| 1theK/YouTube

Watch Park Hye Soo’s full cover below:

Source: Dispatch