Park Hyo Shin Uploads Evidence That Proves BTS’s V Truly Is The Most Supportive Bestie

Everybody needs a friend like V!

BTS‘s V is the most supportive bestie, and his friend Park Hyo Shin uploaded some recent evidence to prove it.

(From left to right) Park Hyo Shin and V | @thv/Instagram

At the beginning of the year, Park Hyo Shin surprised everyone when he made an unexpected appearance in one of V’s deleted Instagram stories. The two sang along to Matt Maltese‘s “Less and Less,” leaving fans excited about a potential collaboration between them.

Since then, Park Hyo Shin has joined V’s ‘collection‘ of friends named Park. Currently, he is one of the cast members of the musical The Man Who Laughs, and seeing as V professed himself to be a fan of him and his music before, it’s definitely no surprise that V would show up to support him as both a friend and a fan!

Park Hyo Shin uploaded an adorable picture of him and V backstage to his Instagram, showing how close these two besties really are. In the picture, they have their arms around each other with the letters reading “NAMU + ARMY.”

Park Hyo Shin and V | @parkhyoshin.official/Instagram

About an hour after Park Hyo Shin posted the picture, V left a comment that said, “NAMU + ARMY = Fire [emoji].” While ‘ARMY’ naturally refers to BTS’s fans, ‘NAMU’ is the Korean word for ‘tree,’ which in this case refers to Park Hyo Shin’s fans, SOULTREEs.

Park Hyo Shin’s costar in The Man Who Laughs, singer and actress Kim So Hyang, also shared a picture with V backstage. In the caption, she spilled that V had actually confessed to having cried while watching her performance in the musical!

(From left to right) Lee Soo Bin, Park Hyo Shin, V, Kim So Yang | @sophie801224/Instagram

Audience members who spotted V at the show confirmed he was super supportive, saying that he had danced along and “cheered enthusiastically” for the cast.

Earlier this month, BTS leader RM also went to show his support and even uploaded the same picture as Kim So Hyang of their meeting backstage.

Her other pictures, however, showed a bit more of just how excited she was to see him there!

RM and Kim So Hyang | @sophie801224/Instagram 

Park Hyo Shin and Kim So Hyang have shown their appreciation for the warm support of their BTS friends, and we love to see it!

Source: SBS News