Park Hyung Sik Makes An Unexpected Adlib While Filming “Strong Girl Nam Soon” — Netizens Are Gutted It Didn’t Make The Final Cut

It unsurprisingly made Park Bo Young LOL!

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik finally reunited during a recent episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon, and one adlib that was cut from the show has netizens wondering why.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young | JTBC

In 2017, the world of K-Dramas changed forever when netizens fell in love with the chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik in the show Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Both on and off-screen, they became everyone’s true OTP (one true pairing).


After what seems like hundreds of years, netizens’ favorite K-Drama couple reunited for a cameo in the sequel series Strong Girl Nam Soon. Unsurprisingly, after waiting for so long, netizens couldn’t stop swooning at seeing them on the screen.


They even took selfies to commemorate the iconic moment, the ones that Park Bo Young teased when the cameo was first announced.

| @boyoung0212_official/Instagram
| @boyoung0212_official/Instagram

After all the excitement, it seems like JTBC wanted to treat fans even more with some iconic behind-the-scenes footage.


Yet, one moment had netizens swooning, and it was an adlib where Park Hyung Sik started acting cute…

And as a veteran actress, Park Bo Young immediately caught onto it and joined in.

When the cameras stopped rolling, both the stars couldn’t stop laughing…

And even the director pointed out that all the staff loved what just happened.

When netizens saw the clip and realized that it was cut out of the final edit, they couldn’t hide their sadness. Both the director and Park Bo Young seemed obsessed, and many couldn’t understand why it wasn’t used.

While netizens are sad it was cut, there was probably an infinite amount of moments that would’ve needed a whole episode. Maybe, in the future, there could be another spin-off series just focusing on Bong Soon and Min Hyuk.

Source: JTBC Drama

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