Park Ji Eun Officially Leaves PURPLE KISS, Comforts Fans With A Handwritten Letter

The agency cited her poor health as the reason behind the decision.

RBW Entertainment, the agency of the girl group PURPLE KISS, announced on November 18, KST, that member Park Ji Eun will be parting ways with the group officially.

Paek Jieun of Purple Kiss | @purplekiss_official/Instagram

Park was already on a break due to her health issues, and the agency said in its official statement that after a lengthy discussion with the idol, both parties agreed that she needed time to rest and recover from her anxiety and poor health. PURPLE KISS will continue as a 6-member group from now on.

The original 7-member lineup of Purple Kiss | @purplekiss_official/Instagram

Hello. This is RBW.

First, we would like to apologize for delivering such sudden news to fans who have shown love for PURPLE KISS.

Park Ji Eun, who has been with PURPLE KISS until now, has departed the team. Due to a continuous poor health condition and symptoms of anxiety while going about activities with the group, Park Ji Eun visited the hospital and was advised by a professional that she needs sufficient rest and stability.

During a break period, we discussed group activities, future plans, and other matters for a long time with Park Ji Eun, and after careful discussion, it was agreed that Park Ji Eun wrap up her activities as a member of PURPLE KISS.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that Park Ji Eun will complete her activities with PURPLE KISS today and that PURPLE KISS will continue group activities as a six-member group.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to fans, and we will support Park Ji Eun’s recovery and future activities to the fullest. We ask for your ongoing support for Park Ji Eun who will be continuing on a new path and ask for your warm support to the six members who will show further growth.

Thank you.

—Official statement by RBW Entertainment

Along with the company’s statement, Park also posted a hand-written letter in the group’s Japanese fancafe to communicate her feelings to her fans directly. She explained that she wants to change the direction of her career and explore her growth, not as PURPLE KISS but as an individual artist. She also thanked PLORYs (the group’s fandom name) and assured them that she will be back with a better self.

The singer trained for around six years before debuting with PURPLE KISS in 2021. Apart from being a vocalist, Park is also a composer, lyricist, and songwriter with credits on multiple tracks by the group.

Though PLORYs are saddened by this decision, they ensured to show their support for Ji Eun on social media.

We wish her nothing but the best in all her future endeavors.