Netizens Left Incredulous After Park Jihoon Claims He Has No Confidence In His Visuals

We’d be shocked too!

Soloist and actor Park Jihoon recently starred in the K-Drama, Weak Hero. He has slowly built up his resume with earlier roles in Love Revolution, At A Distance Spring Is Green and more.

Even during his time as a boy group member in Wanna One, Park Jihoon was always lauded for his visuals. With a cute face and endearing personality, it was inevitable that everyone would fall for him.

He talked about how the new drama influenced him in an interview with Star News. He expressed his gratitude for the good response from the public and rightfully takes pride in his work.

I never knew that the response would be so good. I’m looking at all the good responses from many people, and I feel its gravity as I am honored. Many people got to know me newly, and I also felt proud to see many posts about how I’ve managed to change since my image with the public was cutesy.

— Park Jihoon

| @0529.jihoon.ig/Instagram

But when he was praised for his visuals, Park Jihoon shyly deflected.

I do not feel proud or confident about my visuals. It’s too much of a compliment for me when they say I’m handsome. But I do think that my eyes are my weapon. I’m grateful for them as they let me express many different types of emotions.

— Park Jihoon

His thoughts on his visuals naturally left many netizens surprised. He was one of the visual members of Wanna One, after all!

| theqoo

  • “No but I doubted my eyes when I read the title LOL You’re so f*cking handsome.”
  • “What the”
  • “I totally agree that he does emotional acting with his eyes.”
  • “Uh, but you’re basically shining with a light around you??”
  • “I clicked in thinking what was up with the title LOL”

We can’t help but agree with netizens.

Source: theqoo