Park Jin Young And Bang Si Hyuk Fought Over Socks When They Used To Live Together In America

Park Jin Young and Bang Si Hyuk go way back.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio StarPark Jin Young and Sunmi made an appearance on the show in light of their comeback duet “When We Disco”, and Park Jin Young shared a hilarious story about BigHit Entertainment‘s CEO, Bang Si Hyuk from when they used to live together in America back in 2003.

Park Jin Young shared that he and Bang Si Hyuk wanted to spread K-Pop to the rest of the world, but since they had no money, they stayed at a friend’s house in America.

Unfortunately, after a year had passed, they couldn’t sell a single song, which led to stress that caused for Park Jin Young and Bang Si Hyuk to get into fights over trivial matters.

And that’s what led to their sock dispute.

Park Jin Young explained that Bang Si Hyuk, who is a year younger than he is, was in charge of the laundry.

But Bang Si Hyuk had a problem with how Park Jin Young left his dirty laundry.

He was like, ‘Hyung, don’t leave your socks inside out when you leave them.’

— Park Jin Young

And although Park Jin Young understood, he was so tired that he did it a few more times, leading to Bang Si Hyuk’s second warning.

I was tired, so I did that a few more times. And he came to me and said, ‘Hyung, I’m already tired from doing the laundry. Don’t do this.’

— Park Jin Young

But it didn’t end there. After a hard day, Park Jin Young left his socks inside out again, which caused for Bang Si Hyuk to finally blow up.

He shouted, ‘Hyung! Stop it with these socks!’

— Park Jin Young

And the end result? Bang Si Hyuk ran away from home.

He ran away from home. But there was nowhere to go, so he took a lap around the neighborhood and came back.

— Park Jin Young

Those days must’ve been rough, but in the end, both Park Jin Young and Bang Si Hyuk successfully shared K-Pop with the rest of the world.

But who would’ve guessed that those two go way back?

Check out the full story below:

Source: Daum News