JYP Jokingly Calls Out Jackson For His Priceless Reaction to JYP’s Performance…And Jackson Hurriedly Responds Back

Jackson’s response was quick as lighting…and as transparent as JYP’s pants.

Park Jin Young (JYP) and GOT7‘s Jackson have the most playful relationship!

At the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019, Park Jin Young and Hwasa‘s collaboration stage drew lots of attention and even trended worldwide following the performance!


It also drew quite a few horrified looks…especially from Jackson.


The next morning, JYP took to his Instagram to jokingly call out Jackson for his beyond priceless reaction to daring stage he put on at the show:

With a screenshot of Jackson’s open-mouthed despair, JYP wrote (in both Korean and English),


Why….did I do something wrong again….?


Jackson was quick to his own defense, and blamed his abject horror on the vinyl pants that JYP sported on stage!


In Korean, Mandarin and English, he wrote:


I was just speechless when the plastic pants made it’s entrance. I promise I promise its not you.

I got #FEVER after the performance


Jackson wasn’t the only one with a strong reaction to the pants!The rest of GOT7 was also doubling over in laughter, and even ITZY couldn’t stop giggling hysterically at JYP!


Well, bad outfits and subsequent shock aside, Jackson loves Papa JYP all the same!