Park Jin Young Reveals Why It Was Difficult For Him To Be A Judge On “K-Pop Star”

He talked about his time on the show, and shared why it was very difficult for him to be a judge!

Park Jin Young is famously known as the founder of JYP Entertainment, and also as a producer with tons of songwriting credits under his name!

Along with being a producer, he is currently still active as a singer, and has consistently released songs, such as “Fever”, and most recently, “Switch To Me”, a collaboration with Rain!

Given his longevity and subsequent rich experience in the industry, Park Jin Young has also mentored and developed tons of groups under JYP Entertainment, and also served as a judge for all 6 seasons of the survival show K-Pop Star!

Park Jin Young on K-Pop Star | SBS

Recently, Park Jin Young (JYP Entertainment) and Psy (P Nation) announced a joint survival show called LOUD, where they, along with the production staff of K-Pop Star, create two next-generation boy groups that will represent each company. Regarding the kind of future idols he would like to see, Park Jin Young revealed that he thought about it a lot, and finally settled on “someone with his or her own stories to tell”.

I contemplated a lot about what an individual should have to lead the future idol generation because there are too many girl or boy groups these days.

A person who seems quiet outside but is actually filled with his or her own stories to tell. I believe that kind of person will have what it takes to lead the next boy band.

—Park Jin Young

He then addressed his time as a judge on K-Pop Star, and shared how difficult it was for him to balance himself as an artist and as the head of a K-Pop agency.

To be frank, you cannot express artistic vision as a musician and be an idol at the same time; it’s one or the other. And while our agency was producing idol singers, there were a lot of artistic musicians at K-pop Star, which made me feel like I was living in two separate realities.

—Park Jin Young

Official poster for “When We Disco”, a duet between Park Jin Young (left) and Sunmi (right)

He then also commented on the kind of idols he hopes to recruit through the show!

I’ll be able to show what criteria I hold when scouting an idol singer, which is different than casting around an artist or musician. An idol only needs one edge [that sets them apart from others].

Even if a participant is not all-around, he just needs to play his part in the team. In that sense, we created a different set of standards to evaluate the participants in LOUD.

—Park Jin Young

LOUD aired its first episode on June 5, and everyone is excited to see how the show plays out for the 75 hopefuls competing for a spot in the 2 boy groups!

Source: The Korea Times