Park Jin Young Can’t Believe Kim Tae Hee Actually Thinks Rain Is The Coolest Man In The World

“You’re a cool guy. But let’s get real. You’re not that cool.” — Park Jin Young

In the latest upload of Season B Season on YouTube, Rain and Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment reunited and chatted about Park Jin Young’s recent gathering with both Rain and his wife, Kim Tae Hee.

And Park Jin Young couldn’t hold back his surprise regarding what he found out for the first time about Kim Tae Hee’s thoughts about Rain.

While also acknowledging that Rain is a lovable man indeed, Park Jin Young expressed,

What really surprised me was that while I love you and fans love you too, your wife was like, ‘How is there a man like this in this world?’ and ‘How is a man like this my husband?’ It’s as if she’s been living life withour knowing any of your flaws.

— Park Jin Young

Park Jin Young savagely continued,

You’re cool. Our Ji Hoon is a cool guy. But let’s get real. You’re not the coolest man in the world.

— Park Jin Young

He even asked Rain how this happened.

She keeps saying this man is the coolest in the world… How did this happen?

— Park Jin Young

And Rain’s answer?

It’s true there’s an innocent side to her. But I also make sure that she can trust me.

— Rain

Fans are loving this story as it says a lot about Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s marriage.

Some of the comments include “The best met with another best“, “He’s already lived a fulfilling life by being acknowledged as the best man by Kim Tae Hee“, and “They’re seriously the cutest couple“.

Check out the full reunion below:

Source: Dispatch