Park Min Young Attends Wrap Party For “Marry My Husband” Amidst Controversy — Netizens React Scathingly

Netizens were scathing.

On January 15, 2024, actress Park Min Young attended a wrap event for the final episode of her drama, Marry My Husband. It was held at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul. In attendance were the stars of the drama, Park Min Young, Na In Woo, and Lee Yi Kyung. They greeted fans and journalists outside of the event.

She wore a beanie and a cropped top, pulling off the trendy fashion.

She smiled brightly for the cameras.

She even made hearts for the fans.

Marry My Husband was Park Min Young’s first drama after the initial scandal involving her ex-boyfriend. Despite the controversy, the drama went on to do extremely well, especially in international waters. Although a small portion of netizens defended her, claiming that the wrap party was part of her job as the lead actress, others were more scathing. A majority of the comments were sarcastic.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Ah, she’s amazing.
  • The coat is pretty.
  • She’s impressive.
  • If she looked depressed there, people would kick up a fuss asking why she was letting her personal emotions affect it, and that she can’t separate work from her personal life…
  • Woah.
  • She probably used the ₩250 million KRW (about $190,000 USD) well, right?
  • What’s up with her nostrils?
  • Yeah, ₩250 million KRW (about $190,000 USD)~

This comes amidst her recent controversy involving her ex-boyfriend. Many look upon it as a sugar-baby relationship, having discovered that she received ₩250 million KRW (about $190,000 USD) in her account from him. Her agency has since denied her part in any criminal activity. You can read more about it below.

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Source: theqoo

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