Park Min Young Just Launched Her YouTube Channel And It’s A Bit Tricky To Find — Here’s How You Can Access It

In just less than one day, she’s well on her way to getting the silver play button!

In order to keep up with the latest trend of Korean artists and celebrities starting their own YouTube channel, top actress Park Min Young has just released her own channel this week!

In just a few moments after her channel’s release, Park Min Young’s YouTube channel, Just Parkminyoung, had already been a trending topic at Naver.

In less than a day, she was able to get over 50,000 subscribers on her channel — a wonderful feat, considering the short time span!

As of this writing, Minyoung already has 70,000 YouTube subscribers, and the numbers keep on increasing!

Fans of the famous actress have mentioned that it’s quite tricky to search for her name on YouTube, so they recommended that it’s easier for you to visit her Instagram page…

…and click on the YouTube link on her bio instead, so you’ll be easily directed to her channel.

Naturally, fans are excited to see what’s in store for her channel’s growth…

…and they’re even wishing for a collaboration between Minyoung and one of her co-actors, Park Seo Joon!

Watch her latest YouTube video below!

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