Park Myung Soo Was Called Out For “Pretending” To Be Close Friends With Yoo Ah In — So Yoo Ah In Intervened

“Stop pretending like you’re all close with Ah In Oppa.”

Yoo Ah In recently posted a photo of himself holding his popular star trophy at the Blue Dragon Film Awards where Yoo Ah In told a netizen a lesson for dishing out hate against Park Myung Soo.

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When the photo was posted, Park Myung Soo congratulated Yoo Ah In on his accomplishment.

Congrats, congrats!

— Park Myung Soo

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But one netizen accused Park Myung Soo of pretending to be close with Yoo Ah In when he’s really not.

Park Myung Soo, I don’t like that you’re acting close with Yoo Ah In just because he went on your radio show once. You seem to like acting close with stars. But when they appear as your guest, you don’t even do any research about them, don’t listen, and just say, ‘Yes, yes’ while you show rude behavior. Don’t act like you’re close with Ah In Oppa just because he went on your show once.

— Netizen

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And Yoo Ah In wouldn’t have it.

He hit back at the netizen in Park Myung Soo’s defense.

I don’t remember having a ‘dongsaeng’ like you…

— Yoo Ah In

After rejecting the netizen’s use of “oppa” when addressing him, Yoo Ah In even gave a shout out to Park Myung Soo with a heart emoji.

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It’s clear from Yoo Ah In’s response that he considers Park Myung Soo a true friend in contrast to the netizen’s accusations.

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Props to Yoo Ah In for setting the record straight!

Source: Dispatch