MC Park Myung Soo’s Daughter Immediately Passes Out After Meeting BTS’s Suga At The Sauna

We’d pass out, too!

Park Myung Soo‘s daughter Min Seo had a super relatable reaction when she coincidentally ran into BTS‘s Suga!

Park Myung Soo and Minseo | Nice Shot Photo/Tumblr
BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Min Seo is a huge ARMY, and her dad revealed on an episode of Wife’s Taste in January that she wants to marry BTS.


Like any ARMY, Min Seo dreamt of meeting BTS, and she actually got to meet Suga at a sauna.


In November, Park Myung Soo had mentioned on his radio show Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show that he had run into a BTS member at the sauna. However, he didn’t specify which member he had met, and ARMYs speculated that it was Jin.


In a video on his YouTube channel Halmyungsoo, Park Myung Soo finally revealed which member he had met at the sauna. In the video, he was shown photos of the members and had to guess their names.

| 할명수/YouTube

When Suga’s name came up, Park Myung Soo told the story of when they met in the sauna. He said, “A while ago in the sauna, someone said ‘Hello.'” That someone turned out to be Suga!

At first, he didn’t believe that Suga was actually a BTS member because he couldn’t believe that the members would do something as normal as going to the sauna. He held a photo of Suga by Suga’s face to confirm it was actually him.

Min Seo was downstairs while her father and Suga were in the sauna, but she got to meet Suga when they came out. As soon as she saw Suga, she passed out!

Watch Park Myung Soo tell the hilarious story of when he and Min Seo met Suga below!