MC Park Myung Soo Coincidentally Ran Into A BTS Member In The Sauna Recently

Here’s what went down.

MC Park Myung Soo has been hosting his own radio show, Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show on KBS Cool FM. On an episode dated November 26, 2021, the talented host made a statement that shocked many listeners tuning in.

He firstly congratulated the BTS boys on their many wins at the 2021 AMAs and claimed that he was very proud of them. He continued to praise them for their achievements and skills, for being handsome and well-mannered.

On the topic of manners, Park Myung Soo shared that recently, he had run into a BTS member at a sauna. Although he did not reveal who the member was, fans speculated that it was probably Jin due to the way of speech.

Park Myung Soo shared that the member had approached him warmly first, and greeted him with the single line, “Hyung, who am I?” He was grateful that the member not only greeted him first but also initiated a handshake. Park Myung Soo was touched by the member’s manners despite the fact that it could have been embarrassing to be caught off guard in a sauna.

BTS at the AMAs | Billboard

This is not the first time a member of BTS coincidentally ran into a celebrity! Jin previously ran into Noh Hong Chul on his way home from work.

BTS is currently in the States for their offline concert, BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA. With their manners and skills combined, it’s no surprise that they are taking the world by storm.

Source: Insight