Park Myung Soo’s Instagram Terrorized By TWICE Fans Over Recent Backlash

Too much or justified?

MC Park Myung Soo recently came under fire due for his actions during a radio show with TWICE‘s Dahyun and Tzuyu. He had been pushy and rude to the two girls, according to fans. The MC had also asked the girls a question on if they would be willing to wait for their boyfriend if he went to the military. Many felt that the question was unnecessary and inappropriate to ask female idols.

| @gpark_radio/ Instagram

Following the radio show and criticism, it seems that fans have turned to directly approaching Park Myung Soo himself, via his Instagram. Fans have been leaving a variety of comments and hate about the matter.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Most of the hate seems to be coming from international fans who are concerned about the wellbeing of the TWICE members that guested on his show. On the other hand, Korean netizens question the need to have been so severe in backlash.

| theqoo
  • “He’s the head of a family, just let him off. People would think he made some big mistake if they saw this.”
  • “Wow this is so serious.”
  • “I-roaches at it again…”
  • “They treat celebrities like some princess.”
  • “Were they mad at the part where he joked about response to the song instead of their response? Isn’t it just a joke? Or is it when he asked about the results for the song? I found out here first that the song was ranked 50th.”
  • “It’s just a normal question. They let it go asking people to listen to it lots. This just seems like victim mentality.”

Park Myung Soo has not responded to the backlash as of yet.

Source: theqoo