Park Myung Soo Might Have Accurately Predicted IU’s Future Song Titles — Here’s The Supposed Proof

It all happened in 2015 on “Infinite Challenge.”

In light of IU‘s recent comeback, netizens online have come up with the theory that Park Myung Soo accurately predicted IU’s future song titles on Infinite Challenge back in 2015.

The supposed proof is in the form of screenshots of the popular variety program when the two stars worked together for a song festival.

| @dj_gpark/Instagram

During a conversation, Park Myung Soo made the remark, “Jeez” which was spelled out to also mean “Eight”.

“Eight” is a song that IU released last year with BTS‘s Suga.

| @_IUofficial/Twitter

But that’s not all.

| @_IUofficial/Twitter

In the following remark, Park Myung Soo even said, “As a fellow celebrity“, making the whole theory a little more believable.

While it’s probably just a coincidence, it’s fun to see that Park Myung Soo intentionally or unintentionally “predicted” IU’s future song titles.

Or could it be that IU drew inspiration from this episode?

| @_IUofficial/Twitter

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say some IU fans will be keeping an eye on Park Myung Soo’s every move from now on!

Source: Insight