Park Myung Soo’s New Luxury Study Cafe Looks Like A Scene From “SKY Castle”

It looks like it’s only fit for SKY students.

Comedian Park Myung Soo recently opened up a new study cafe, called CHOSIM (초심). “Chosim” means the feeling you have when you start something new. It appears Park Myung Soo wants you to always work hard with the passion you start with in the beginning.

park myung soo study cafe 10

But what’s amazing about his new study cafe is that it’s ridiculously luxurious and beautiful! The students are welcomed by greek pillars and a lion statue at the entrance.

park myung soo study cafe 1

Inside, you find a cafe area that also features many tables and seats for group discussions and breaks from the long hours of studying.

park myung soo study cafe 6


The entrance fee is relatively low for a luxurious study cafe, as it only costs 2,000 won (~$1.78 USD) per hour with an unlimited amount of free coffee and drinks! Students can also start a membership of 100 hours for 140,000 won (~$124 USD).

park myung soo study cafe 7

The cafe has seating for both solo studiers and group studiers. It also has a state of the art lockers for those who need to step out for a break!

park myung soo study cafe 9


If you enter through the cafe to another room, you’ll find the silent room. Here, students can study in silence without the disruption from group discussions or students taking a break.

park myung soo study cafe 3

The interior is beautifully designed with classy wood and substantial lighting!

park myung soo study cafe 4

The ceiling also features beautiful paintings for a sophisticated take, and it also features the state of the art heating and cooling systems for the students’ comfort!

park myung soo study cafe 5


It certainly looks like a place that the elite students from SKY Castle would come to crack open their books!

park myung soo study cafe 2

Netizens have praised Park Myung Soo’s new study cafe as many are desperately wanting to know where it’s located so that they can study there.

park myung soo study cafe comments


With a beautiful interior like this, who wouldn’t want to visit this cafe despite whether you need to study or not?!

park myung soo study cafe 8

Source: Instiz
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