Park Myung Soo Officially Opens Up A Photography “Business” After His Viral Photos Of Red Velvet’s Joy

Many claim that Park Myung Soo took the best photos of Red Velvet’s Joy.

Park Myung Soo recently took stunning photos of Red Velvet‘s Joy, which gained overwhelming responses from fans all over the world.

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And now, it appears that Park Myung Soo plans to fully transform into a photographer with his new side project.

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On his official YouTube channel, Park Myung Soo posted a notice announcing that he is now accepting applicants who want photos taken by his outstanding talent.

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The notice states,


Photographer Park will take your photos! For those who are interested, please send over your stories to the email below.

1. Availability — October 7 from 2PM to 5PM in Seoul

2. Name, Age, Contact Info, SNS, Number of People

3. Category — Friendship Photos, Professional Photos, Promotional Photos, Family Photos, Pet Photos, Other

4. Your story and why you should be selected.

5. Please specify if there’s a style you seek.

—  Hal Myung Soo

There is much anticipation for Park Myung Soo’s new photography “business” since he was praised for how well he took photos of Joy during tvN‘s Salty Tour.

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Who else is excited?

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