Park Na Rae’s Agency Responds To Concerns Over COVID-19 After Her Show’s PD Tested Positive

CJ ENM also made a statement.

After it was revealed that a PD who works on Bap Bless You 2 was confirmed to have COVID-19, many were worried about whether the cast were exposed to it as well.

Park Na Rae’s agency responded to the concerns that she had not come in contact with the PD, but they will keep an eye on her as she follows her personal safety precautions.

[Park Na Rae] did not interact with the confirmed patient. She is not subjected to self-quarantine, so we’re checking on the situation while keeping up with her personal safety precautions.

— Park Na Rae’s Agency

CJ ENM revealed that one of their employees had tested positive. They decided to close down the whole building and have employees self quarantine themselves.

One of our employees tested positive for the coronavirus today. In order to prevent further spread, we closed down our entire building and emergency measures are underway.


They later confirmed that it was a PD on Bap Bless You 2, and revealed that all of the other producers and the cast members will have been tested by tomorrow.

It’s true that one of the PDs for Bap Bless You 2 is the patient. After seeing symptoms, all of the producers began to self quarantine themselves.

All of the producers have tested for COVID-19, and the results have yet to be announced. The cast members will all get tested within today or tomorrow.


The patient PD had visited New York earlier this month for vacation. She returned to Korea on the 18th and immediately reported to the company and worked on various projects – some that required her to stay overnight for a long period of time.

She began to show signs of body aches on the 20th, her symptoms turned severe by the 27th, and she tested positive on the 28th.

Prayers and best wishes for the PD, close colleagues, and the cast members’ health during this time.

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