Park Sang Hyun (Thunder) expresses wish to compose and release his own solo album

Former MBLAQ member Thunder, now known as his new screen name Park Sang Hyun, talks about his desire to release his own album. 

In a recent interview for CeCi Magazine, Park Sang Hyun talked about his desire to continue making his own music despite not having any promotional activities as of yet. Expressing his desires, he was further quoted saying, “Whenever I have time, I am composing. I can’t let go of music. Someday I want to release a solo album completely comprised by me.”

Since leaving MBLAQ following his contract expiration from J.Tune Camp, Park Sang Hyun signed with APOP Entertainment to pursue the field of acting. By April, he will be appearing in MBC’s Let The Girl Cry, while his former members Mir, G.O and Seungho will continue as three members.

Source: Newsen