Park Bo Young And Park Seo Joon’s Latest “Couple” Picture Is Going Viral — Why Park Hyung Sik Is Being Mentioned

There’s no loyalty in the Wooga Squad! 😂

Park Bo Young and Park Seo Joon‘s latest “couple photo” is going viral online… and it’s all because of another actor being mentioned.

Park Bo Young | @boyoung0212_official/Twitter
Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

Last month, a new Instagram account gained attention as they seemed to be an account posing as Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young, showcasing them as being a proper couple.

| @min_castle0809/Instagram

After a lot of confusion, and even Park Seo Joon hilariously calling out the user, netizens realized that Park Seo Joon wasn’t actually seriously calling out the account because it is actually an account for the actor’s role in the upcoming movie Concrete Utopia. 

A few days ago, the account posted another adorable “couple” photo of the two stars. In the photo, Park Seo Joon was holding Park Bo Young in his arms in a “bridal style” as they walked down a path.

| @min_castle0809/Instagram

Yet, while the Instagram account has been open for a while, the new photo went viral on TikTok, gaining over three million views within a matter of days…


emang boleh segemes ini? 😳 #parkseojoon #parkboyoung #fyp

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And it was all because of Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyung Sik | @phs1116/Instagram

Of course, when it comes to iconic K-Drama couples, Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon are always one of the favorites, as their chemistry was off the scale.


In particular, even off-screen, the duo was literally a K-Drama waiting to happen. After the show had started airing, both Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young admitted that they both had feelings for each other in some way. In an interview, Park Hyung Sik revealed that he “loved” her.

It meant that the comments were hilariously filled with people mentioning how they thought Park Hyung Sik felt seeing those photos, especially considering his past with Park Bo Young and his besties with Park Seo Joon.

While it’s not really a betrayal, it’s hilarious that fans are still shipping the duo years after the K-Drama first aired.

Source: azim.mn13/TikTok