Park Seo Joon Becomes Another Human Chanel For Elle Korea

Step aside G-Dragon, there’s a new guy in town.

Looks like G-Dragon might have to share his spotlight as the male human Chanel as Park Seo Joon seems to have also snagged that nickname. Park Seo Joon dazzled on the cover for the November issue for Elle Korea sporting Chanel all over.

The Chanel ambassador and actor sports a longer hairstyle on the cover of Elle Korea which fans may have missed. Park Seo Joon portrayed Park Saeroyi on popular drama Itaewon Class where, in the drama, he sported the very iconic short buzz cut that had netizens buzzing (pun intended).

Park Seo Joon exudes elegance as he promotes Chanel’s ever famous No.5 perfume within this editorial spread. In his interview for ELLE Korea, Park Seo Joon talks about his connection to Chanel and his memories associated with it.

When I first felt secure in my job as an actor, I took my mom to the store and bought her a handbag. I remember this memory vividly because my mother, who usually isn’t into designer brand things was so excited about her gift.

— Park Seo Joon

Although Park Seo Joon has been featured in Elle Korea before, this marks his first-ever cover issue with them. He recalls his first encounter with Elle Korea and how he only had one photo with them.

I debuted in 2013 and one of my first photoshoots was with Elle Korea. I remember only having one photo in the magazine at the time. I believe it was a hard time for everyone back then but because of your strong fight, we were able to meet again in better circumstances.

— Park Seo Joon

In other recent news, Park Seo Joon made headlines for being offered a role in season 3 of Youn’s Kitchen.

Source: Elle Korea