Park Seo Joon Reveals What Park Hyungsik Recently Wrote In Their Friend Group Chat After Finishing His Basic Training

The bromance is still going strong!

During Actor & Chatter, actor Park Seo Joon opened up about the latest news between his close friendship with Park Hyungsik!


Park Seo Joon revealed that he was finally able to get in touch with Park Hyungsik now that he recently finished his basic training in the military.

He had a ceremony for the end of his basic training yesterday.

He contacted us through our group chat with friends. I asked him, ‘How many messages did we send while you were [at basic training]?’ And he replied that there were 4,300 messages waiting for him in our chatroom alone.

— Park Seo Joon


As Park Seo Joon had already finished his mandatory military duties, he gave Park Hyungsik some advice as he now has 537 days left!

He needs to not think about his discharge date right now. Moreso, he needs to solely think about training and maintaining his health.

— Park Seo Joon


When Park Hyungsik appeared on Actor & Chatter, he claimed that Park Seo Joon was his “Best Soul Friend”. In response, Park Seo Joon gushed about his close friendship with Park Hyungsik!

To me, Park Hyungsik is like a brother. We understand each other so well, and we surprisingly have the same blood type (AB) too!

— Park Seo Joon


Lastly, he sent a sweet video message to Park Hyungsik, giving him warm supporting messages for his training in the military!

I told you yesterday too but I hope you finish your duties safely and healthily. [Your friends] aren’t the only ones who are awaiting your return, but also an incredible amount of fans, so make sure to be super careful about your health and body and return safely!

— Park Seo Joon


Here’s to the sweetest bromance between the Park brothers!

Source: isplus