Park Seo Joon And Park Hyungsik Show Support For BTS V

“But do you really need me to promote Taehyung?”

Actor Park Seo Joon and ZE:A‘s Park Hyungsik have stepped up to help promote their dear friend, BTS’ V.

Park Hyungsik recently shared a post on his Instagram, promoting BTS’ new album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA”.


And even while actively promoting his friend, he expressed that it was a little embarrassing for him in the caption, in which he wrote:

But do you really need me to promote Taehyung? This is quite embarrassing

ㅡ Park Seo Joon


Park Hyungsik also shared the same image and wrote in the caption, “I’m really curious. Why do you need our promotion?? My hands are getting sweaty ^_^”


Fans are loving the love and support that was being exchanged between these friends.

  • “We love a supportive friend”
  • “Yes yes this kind of support”
  • “Did he threaten you hahaha yall are so cute! Thank you for supporting”
  • “I love how supportive Taetae’s friends are this is why I love them all”
  • “Aw so cute! They’re promoting BTS’ new album”


Meanwhile, the trio developed their close friendship on the set of Hwarang and they have since continuously shown support for each others’ dramas and concerts, and have been seen hanging out together on multiple occasions.

May their friendship continue to blossom even more!

Source: My Daily