Actor Park Seo Joon Receives Praise For His Amazing Treatment Of Fans

The kindest man ever!

Park Seo Joon has recently been praised for his superb fan service during a movie screening of Concrete Utopia. As part of the special screening, movie-goers got to meet the stars of the movie after the show concluded.

He made every extra effort to make sure fans felt loved. Park Seo Joon knelt down for selfies with his fans, smiling warmly for the camera. His co-star Park Bo Young can be seen smiling proudly from the sidelines.

I was really lucky that Park Seo Joon came to take selfies with fans near where I was sitting, so I could see him up close. He’s really such a handsome and easygoing guy. I also feel like I met eyes with the actors who were peeking out from the back. Concrete Utopiaz are so cute.

— hgapt602

He was also seen greeting fans politely, even taking their letters and gifts.

He received much praise for his sweet attitude to fans.

At the very same event, Park Seo Joon had been seen briefly refusing to put on a headband. Netizens misconstrued Park Seo Joon’s actions, and criticized him for being rude to Park Bo Young. They also questioned why it was so hard to acquiesce to fans’ requests by putting on the prop. With this plentiful proof of Park Seo Joon’s kind personality, other netizens are defending him instead.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • People acting up due to just one headband.
  • People really be putting his personality down just because he didn’t put on a single headband… He attended that screening by coming late, after adjusting his schedules even. I think people are just taking the chance to crazily criticize him.
  • They said that people judge you by the nanos recently. Looks like it’s true.
  • Did you make this post of his fanservice because he didn’t wear the headband?
  • I think he could very well choose not to wear it. But why are you saying people should make idols do it instead? What’s the difference?
  • FR, what’s the big deal about not wearing one headband.

You can read more about the initial incident below.

Park Seo Joon Under Fire For Alleged Rude Behavior Towards Park Bo Young

Source: theqoo
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