Park Seo Joon Sings IU’s Song In Front Of Her — And She Feels Betrayed

“Now, do you understand why I felt betrayed?!”

In an interview with cast members of the upcoming film Dream, actor Park Seo Joon revealed his singing talents by singing IU‘s song in front of the singer herself—and she felt betrayed.

Park Seo Joon | @bn_sj2013/Instagram

On IU’s YouTube show IU’s Palette, actors Park Seo Joon, Heo Joon Seok, and Jung Seung Kil talked about their careers, played a game to get to know one another, and promoted Dream, set to be released on April 26.

IU, Park Seo Joon, Jung Seung Kil, and Heo Joon Seok (left to right) | IU Official/YouTube

They each also performed a song by IU with a live band. The first to perform was Jung Seung Kil, who chose to sing IU’s song “Knees” because he and his wife liked it, and he believed it was a song he could pull off.

Jung Seung Kil singing “Knees” | IU Official/YouTube

The next performer was Heo Joon Seok, who wore sunglasses and rapped in IU’s song “A Dreamer.” IU shared that she gave him no choice but to rap, and he revealed he practiced a lot to memorize the lyrics. The actors giggled when he sang “Joon Seok and IU” (an adaptation of a line mentioning the original featured rapper).

IU and Heo Joon Seok singing “A Dreamer” | IU Official/YouTube

Park Seo Joon was the last actor to perform, and before he started, IU mentioned that she was surprised to find out he would sing a whole song and felt betrayed after hearing him sing during rehearsals.

I heard a bit of the rehearsal and I almost felt betrayed… When we were talking amongst ourselves about IU’s Palette, I thought it might be a burden for actors to sing and pick a song. [Park Seo Joon] said he doesn’t know if he can do it because singing is too difficult, so I thought it would be like that! But to my surprise, Park Seo Joon suddenly said he will sing the whole song!

— IU

IU Official/YouTube

Park Seo Joon laughed and responded that he thought everybody was singing an entire song, then clarified that he thought he might as well finish the song if he were to start. He also shared that he hyperventilates and his hands tense up when he gets nervous. Despite his nerves, Park Seo Joon’s performance of IU’s song “Love Poem” shocked the singer and the actors.

IU Official/YouTube

Upon hearing the first three seconds of his voice, IU’s eyes widened, and she mouthed, “Wow!” when he sang a high note.

IU Official/YouTube

During his performance, IU joined in during the bridge and supported Park Seo Joon by singing the parts originally sung by background vocals.

IU Official/YouTube 

When the song ended, a shy and red-eared Park Seo Joon returned to his seat as the others clapped and cheered. IU was in awe and asked the other actors: “Now, do you understand why I felt betrayed?

IU Official/YouTube 

The other actors praised him and his singing abilities, and Park Seo Joon shared that thinking about the lyrics instead of how he sounded helped him sing.

When we listen to IU’s songs, the lyrics are all amazing. First when I was practicing, I kept thinking about how I can sing well because I’m not a singer and don’t have much experience. But as I tried my best to focus on the lyrics of the song, it made me think and wonder about where the inspiration for the lyrics came from. The lyrics are so pretty.

— Park Seo Joon

IU Official/YouTube

IU then complimented his singing skills, saying his high notes, volume, lyrical expression, and strength control while singing the verses were terrific—which the humble Park Seo Joon replied that he couldn’t handle all the compliments.

Watch Park Seo Joon’s performance and the full interview on IU’s Palette here!


Source: IU Official
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