Park Seo Joon Provides Witty Solution To Those Who Hate Pressing Elevator Buttons During COVID-19

Worth a try?

Actor, Park Seo Joon recently shared a vlog containing the behind-the-scenes footage of his Chanel beauty commercial as well as his daily life, and the way he presses the elevator buttons during COVID-19 captured the attention of fans.

The video showed Park Seo Joon giving it his all on the set of the commercial.

| @Record PARK’s/YouTube

But on his way home from the shoot, Park Seo Joon had no choice but to press the elevator button.

| @Record PARK’s/YouTube


However, instead of using any of his fingers, he wrapped his index finger in and used his knuckle to casually press the button.

| @Record PARK’s/YouTube

In an earlier Q&A video, Park Seo Joon even demonstrated the exact hand gesture himself.

| @Record PARK’s/YouTube

When asked which finger he uses to press the elevator buttons, he pulled out his index finger, which he curled in.

| @Record PARK’s/YouTube

Fans are reacting to this witty method with comments expressing their awe.

  • So is that how you’re supposed to press during COVID-19?
  • It’s true that I feel iffy pressing elevator buttons these days.
  • Actually, that looks natural enough to adapt easily.
  • That’s pretty cute.
  • Park Seo Joon is woke.

Check out the full demonstration below:

Source: Insight