Park Seo Joon’s Hair Stylist Reveals All The Secrets Behind His “Itaewon Class” Hairstyle

Here’s how she did it.

Park Seo Joon and his drama Itaewon Class have been the talk of Korea recently, and one of the major talking points is his clean-cut hairstyle. His hair stylist, Uhm Jeong Mi, revealed all of the secrets behind his hairstyle in the drama in a series of interviews with Star News.

Uhm Jeong Mi first explained the styling process behind creating Park Seo Joon’s signature ‘do.

I just did a cut, but I would style it before every filming. But to keep the knife-like precise style and length, I would cut his hair every four days.

Park Seo Joon likes new challenges, so we looked forward to this hairstyle. We were always actively thinking about the hairstyle together.

— Uhm Jeong Mi

She also talked about how proud she was for his hairstyle becoming popular with the public.

As a hair designer, I am very proud and happy. I think I will remember this work for a long time. Thank you to all of the people who have enjoyed watching [Itaewon Class].

— Uhm Jeong Mi

Finally, she talked about how the popularity of the drama has had visitors coming to her studio to transform their hair to copy Park Seo Joon’s style.

There’s a lot of pictures and videos of the ‘Park Saeroyi hairstyle’ going around on social media now. I feel like the response to the hairstyle is getting better the longer the show goes on. There are also many men who come into our shop now with pictures and requesting consultation for styles.

The number of people who actually try out the style hasn’t exploded yet, but on average, about one or two people every day visit our shop and ask.

— Uhm Jeong Mi

Itaewon Class will air its final two episodes this weekend.

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