Park Shin Hye cheers on her brother featured in Cho Hyung Woo’s band

Actress Park Shin Hye shows support for her brother, who recently took part in Cho Hyung Woo‘s new mini-album HIM.

On October 18th, Park Shin Hye made a shout out via her SNS account, saying, “My brother has participated in Cho Hyung Woo’s new album from the agency MYSTIC89. My brother will be a member of his band. They will start their promotional activities on MBC Show! Music Core today. Please give much love to someone I know.'”

Recently, Ga In also showed support for Cho Hyung Woo, visiting the music video filming set. Lim Kim, who is featured in HIM, also shared her excitement for his mini-album.

Park Shin Hye's brother
Park Shin Hye’s brother

Source: Osen

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