Actress Park Si Yeon Fined Ten Thousand Dollars For Recent DUI Offense

She has apologized and is spending time to reflect.

According to the Seoul Eastern District Court on May 25, actress Park Si Yeon was fined ₩12 million KRW (about $10,696.19 USD) on the charges of violating the Special Traffic Accident Act and Road Traffic Act.


In January, the actress hit a car while drunk, waiting at a traffic light around 11:24 A.M. in Seoul. The accident left the driver and the other 2 passengers with minor injuries.

Her label and she have apologized for the incident and have clarified that she was drinking the previous night and had not thought she would still be drunk in the morning.

The defendant drove while drunk for the second time. We have acknowledged the crime, reflected on the mistake, and agreed with the victims, considering they did not want to punish the defedant and the previous incident was 15 years ago.

—Seoul Eastern District Court


This is Park Si Yeon’s second DUI offense as she was fined ₩2.5 million KRW (about $2,229.41 USD) in 2006.

Source: Sports KyungHyang
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