Popular Trainee And Actress, Park Si Eun Leaves JYP Entertainment… To Debut In New Girl Group Elsewhere

She is said to be extremely talented.

Park Si Eun, known for both her acting as well as her being a trainee at the prestigious JYP Entertainment, has since moved on from the company and transferred over to High-Up Entertainment and is set to debut in their new girl group late this year.

Park Si Eun has appeared in many variety shows to discuss her career in acting and in JYP Entertainment, including Happy Together, making her a familiar face to the audience. She was also popular for having innocent looks that reminded the public of Suzy at debut. She is known as Park Namjung‘s daughter, a popular singer from the 90s.

The new girl group will be produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, a producing and songwriting duo that came up with many hits such as TWICE‘s “Fancy”, Apink‘s “Eung Eung” and Chungha‘s “Gotta Go”. This will be their first exclusive creative direction of a girl group, raising the expectations for their debut.

It is said that she ended her time at JYP Entertainment due to her contract expiring, and as she wanted to make the shift from being an actress to becoming a singer. Black Eyed Pilseung has already praised her talent and natural abilities to become a star. With her voice, it would be a pity if she didn’t become a singer! Check out her appearance on Masked Singer below.

Source: Sports Today