Park Soo Hong’s Old Interview That Reiterate Subtle Family Oppression Resurfaces After 3 Years

“I haven’t been able to fully live my life…”

Comedian Park Soo Hong continues to break the hearts of the nation as more details about his situation gets revealed.

Previously, Park Soo Hong shocked the nation when it was confirmed that his older brother and sister-in-law took off with his life’s earnings after the comedian trusted them with his finances during his 30 year career. In light of the news, more details are being uncovered.

Park Soo Hong and his mother sat down for an interview in 2018 with Woman’s Chosun and it’s making headlines 3 years later due to the content that was shared. It was here that the comedian confessed that he has never been able to do what he has wanted.

I have never gone against the wishes of my parents. Even if I find something I want to do, my parents will tell me, ‘Soo Hong-ah, you can’t live like that. You need to share the blessings that God has given you with others. You need to think of others as you live.’ Due to this mindset that they have, I haven’t been able to do a lot of things.

— Park Soo Hong for Woman’s Chosun 2018

When the reporter asked Park Soo Hong what it was that he desired at the time of the interview, the comedian shared that he once wanted to purchase a home.

For example, I found a home that I really wanted to purchase. I waited 6 months to buy it. However, my parents came to me early in the morning one day to share their opposition. They told me that I shouldn’t drive a nice car or live in a big house.

I went back to meet with the homeowner and at first, I was very envious. I was really disappointed. I dreamt of that home at least once a week at the time. Sometimes, I still dream about it. I would like to think that if you’re a professional and if you work hard, you can be deserving of good things. But in my case, I have always put others before me and because of that, I haven’t been able to fully live my life.

— Park Soo Hong for Woman’s Chosun 2018

| Yonhap News

The comedian concluded his 2018 interview by sharing this thoughtful, but heartbreaking statement.

I am so grateful for the things my parents have taught me about life. I think I was able to live my life due to their teachings. However, I don’t think my life has been my life. My life has been directed by my parents and my brothers.

— Park Soo Hong for Woman’s Chosun 2018

This is not the first time Park Soo Hong publicly shared the subtle oppressions he received from his family. It was once shared on an episode of My Ugly Duckling that the now 50-year-old comedian had previously given up the woman he wanted to marry due to the intense backlash he received from his family members. According to reports, his family supposedly feared losing access and ownership of the comedian’s finances if he were to have gotten married.

In the midst of the ongoing situation, the Korean public has been supporting the comedian, asking for justice to be served on his behalf.

Source: WikiTree
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