Park Soo Hong Willing To Settle With His Older Brother If He Admits To Embezzlement

He also wants his brother to apologize to the nation.

According to news reports provided by OSENPark Soo Hong‘s lawyer shared the comedian’s willingness to settle with his older brother.

Comedian Park Soo Hong | Channel A

Previously, comedian Park Soo Hong confirmed that his older brother had taken off with ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.86 million USD) of his life earnings. After this news became public, it was further revealed that the comedian lost all contact with his older brother and sister-in-law. He reportedly made numerous attempts to contact his brother so that they could resolve the issue quietly. After these numerous failed attempts, however, Park Soo Hong made the decision to proceed with his lawsuit to sue his older brother for embezzlement.

| @park_soohong/Instagram

In an exclusive interview with OSEN, Park Soo Hong’s lawyer shared that “after the lawsuit, there have been no calls from his older brother. He (Park Soo Hong) wants his older brother to admit 100% of his wrongdoings and to apologize genuinely to the Korean public.” The lawyer also shared that Park Soo Hong is “willing to settle and consider forgiving him if he does what is asked of him.”

Park Soo Hong has since resumed his broadcasting activities after taking a break due to his legal dispute with his brother and sister-in-law. In the midst of his schedules, the comedian has been making headlines for his most recent appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star. While the episode was recorded prior to his family dispute becoming public, viewers noticed how haggard and unwell the comedian looked for the episode.

Park Soo Hong on “Radio Star” | MBC

His lawyer shared that his decision to go back to his normal scheduling despite the controversy is due to his commitment to his work. “(Park Soo Hong) is doing all that he can to do his part for his programs. It’s so that he can keep his promises to his fans and the viewers.”

Source: Insight and YTN