Police Reveal How Much Meth Park Yoochun Purchased And Injected

The purchased amount adds up to approximately 50 doses.

On April 24, the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency announced how much methamphetamine (Philipon) Park Yoochun purchased and injected.

According to the Narcotics Investigation Unit, Park Yoochun purchased methamphetamine in February and March of this year and injected the drug 5 times.


On Park Yoochun’s arrest warrant, it is stated that he purchased a total of 1.5g of methamphetamine in quantities of 0.5g each over a course of three transactions in February and March. It also states that he injected the drug 5 times with Hwang Hana.

Police suspect that Park Yoochun used Hwang Hana’s home and hotels as locations for taking the drug. During the police investigations, Park Yoochun stated that it was true he went to hotels with Hwang Hana but that he did not take any drugs.


The 1.5g of methamphetamine that Park Yoochun purchased is an amount that can be shared among 50 people maximum at the same time. The police have concluded that Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana injected 0.5g of the 1.5g that was purchased and are currently focusing on investigations regarding the whereabouts of the remaining 1g. On April 16, the police searched Park Yoochun’s home and car, as well as Hwang Hana’s officetel, but failed to locate any methamphetamine.


Meanwhile, C-JeS Entertainment recently announced their decision to terminate Park Yoochun’s contract and he is now in detention, awaiting further investigations to take place on April 26.



Source: Edaily