Agency Update On Park Yoochun Captures New Tattoo Covering One Of His Ex-Girlfriend’s Face

He moved on by replacing the tattoo with something new.

Park Yoochun‘s agency Logbook Entertainment released a new teaser for his vlog series Park Yuchun’s Signal, revealing a new tattoo that covered up the face of his ex-girlfriend.

Park Yoochun | LOGBOOK Official/YouTube

When Park Yoochun was engaged to his ex-fiancée Hwang Hana, he got a large tattoo of her face on his left arm, along with their wedding date beneath it in 2017. After the wedding was postponed, they later broke up in 2018. The tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face followed suit.

| Seoul Newspaper

In 2020, the large tattoo was completely removed from Park Yoochun’s arm. Three years later, he’s covered it up with a new tattoo.

A man with Yoochun. | @6002yoochun/Instagram

In the teaser for Park Yoochun’s vlog, there was a tattoo of the main character of Crayon Shin-chan holding an umbrella.

| LOGBOOK Official/YouTube

There also appeared to be a second tattoo under it, connecting to the other tattoos on his arm.

| LOGBOOK Official/YouTube

After removing his ex-fiancée’s face, Park Yoochun took the final step by replacing it with something new.

Source: Seoul Newspaper and Insight
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