Park Yoochun Removes Large Tattoo Of Ex-Girlfriend Hwang Hana From His Arm

That must’ve been painful to remove.

Park Yoochun just updated fans with multiple photos of himself on his Instagram account, but what fans noticed first was the fact that he had the large tattoo of his ex-girlfriend and then-fiancée removed from his arm.

| @6002yoochun/Instagram

The photos already drew a lot of attention since it was his first upload since July of last year.

| @6002yoochun/Instagram



He even revealed his face for some of the photos to reassure fans that he’s doing well.

But the photos also showed his arm looking tattoo-free.

Back in 2017, Park Yoochun gained attention for getting a large tattoo of Hwang Hana’s face on his arm.

And it was revealed that he made a long and hard effort to have it removed following their breakup.

Seeing from his recent photos, it has been successfully removed!

| @6002yoochun/Instagram

Park Yoochun has dealt with his fair share of controversies following his drug charges and return to the entertainment industry.

But fans only hope for his growth and happiness in the years to come.

Source: Insight