Park Yoochun Faces Backlash After Announcing The Sale Of His Photobook For $75

“The f*cking idiots who actually buy it are the real problem.”

Park Yoochun, former member of TVXQ and JYJ, announced the upcoming release for a photobook, titled “SOMEDAY”. The book will feature a collection of photos from his photoshoot and various photos of himself from all over Asia.

The photobook is priced at $75 and features 160 pages. It also features a personally written letter from Park Yoochun. Pre-sales will take place between March 26 to May 14, and official sales will begin in June.

The cover features a close up of Park Yoochun holding a sunflower. His book description explained that the photobook will be about “waiting”.

Park Yoochun’s signature flower, the sunflower, means ‘waiting’. There are many different kinds of waiting in the world.

Waiting for SOMEDAY when your loved one will return is a good feeling, but it can also be waiting for a SOMEDAY that breaks someone’s heart.

Within the word, ‘waiting’, many different emotions and feelings can exist.

In the photobook <SOMEDAY>, we interpreted the word ‘waiting’ through various emotions as seen through Park Yoochun’s feelings.

— Park Yoochun’s Agency

Park Yoochun has officially begun his comeback after announcing his retirement from the entertainment industry. He personally retired after being found guilty of illegal use of drugs and lying.

Netizens criticized his latest announcement, claiming he should stay retired after being found guilty of his many crimes.

“He clearly doesn’t have a normal sense of guilt and reflection”

“Even $7.50 would be too much for it… but will it actually even sell?”

“The f*cking idiots who actually buy it are the real problem.”

“Wow ㅋㅋㅋ Are people actually going to buy it?”

— Netizens

Source: My Daily
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