Park Yoochun Makes a Surprise Appearance on Twitch While Wearing “Poop Glasses”

Fans are speculating that the “poop glasses” was a response to the haters who call him “toilet Yoochun”.

Park Yoochun‘s brother, Park Yoo Hwan recently held a Twitch broadcast where Park Yoochun surprised fans with an appearance on the show.

Aside from the unexpected appearance, what surprised fans, even more, was the “poop glasses” he was wearing from the beginning of the show.

With the peculiar glasses on his face, Park Yoochun turned on his song, “Thanks To” as well as TVXQ‘s hit song, “With All My Heart” and sang along on the show.

Park Yoochun’s appearance on his brother’s Twitch broadcast is sparking debate regarding his possible return to the entertainment industry following his announcement in a fan meeting in Thailand back in January.

I’m going to try to be active in the entertainment industry again.

– Park Yoochun

Fans are also speculating that Park Yoochun broadcasting with “poop glasses” could be a response to the haters who have been calling him “toilet Yoochun” following his sexual assault and drug controversies.

Last July, Park Yoochun declared his retirement after being charged for the use of methamphetamine.

And back in June 2016, Park Yoochun was accused of sexually assaulting a worker in the washroom of an adult entertainment establishment.

For that reason, Park Yoochun is currently receiving overwhelming attention for drinking and casually appearing on his brother’s Twitch broadcast.

Source: Insight