Park Yoochun Sparks Controversy With Offline Concert Announcement

The offline concert schedule amid a pandemic is causing controversy in Korea.

Despite being involved in multiple scandals related to drugs, sexual harassment, and lying, Park Yoochun (also known as Park Yuchun) surprised everyone when he retracted his earlier statements about retirement to come back to the K-Pop industry.

Park Yoochun shocked everyone again on the 16th when he announced that he would be holding an offline concert amid a pandemic.

He is planning to hold an offline fan meeting on November 27, and the concert will be held both online and offline from Thailand’s Union Mall on November 28.

His announcement about the concert is becoming controversial in South Korea as nearly all artists have had to cancel their local and global schedules to respect the government’s social distancing procedures. Only time will tell if he will be able to go through with his offline events.

The announcement regarding Park Yoochun’s Thailand schedule read, “Hello. This is the Thailand schedule for Park Yoochun. Please show a lot of support and find out more about the events in the below links. Thank you.”

Regarding his new album, Park Yoochun released an early preview of the song “What You Waiting For” with a post that read, “Hello. For the fans waiting for Park Yoochun’s album, this is an early preview of the song ‘What You Waiting For’. Please show a lot of support. I also want to send my thoughts to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

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